Deep-Dive Seminars

The Deep-Dive Seminars are optional, two-hour long seminars held the morning of Thursday, Feb. 17 for attendees who want a more intensive exploration of topics such as marketing and sales, operations and expanding into large-format.

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10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Sun 1-3

Beating the Odds – One PSP’s Evolution to MSP

Robert Carrier, PULP

Today’s newest marketing technologies, like all new technologies, have a learning curve. As we went through the process of creating a new sales process, we began to wonder if our industry had not over-complicated these technologies and abandoned a large percentage of our market. Against conventional wisdom, this new process succeeds by breaking these technologies down to their smallest parts, enabling sales staffs to have deeper conversations and close high value sales in less time.


Direct Mail Toolkit: A Business Development Strategy for Selling High-Value, Targeted Direct Marketing Campaigns

Danny Miller and Maya Poleg, HP

As a print service provider, you strive to capture more high-margin work and focus the discussion with your customers around value, not cost. To do so, you need the right talk track, great examples and a way to present true return on investment (ROI) to your customers. Use the Direct Marketing Business Development Toolkit to sell high value direct marketing campaigns. This methodological approach takes you through a set of practical tools that enable effective sales meetings and open new growth opportunities for your business. Review resources on direct marketing trends, case studies, practical campaign ideas and samples, and practice firsthand how to implement all those assets in your business.

Osceola 1-3

How to Sell Digital

Hamilton Costa, ANconsulting

Learn how to improve the digital sales process by detecting the needs of your customers through an effective partnership by using the right sales cycle with a skilled sales team and committed internal staff. Discuss the most important values to develop in your sales team: technical knowledge, customer business knowledge or a comprehensive approach?

Osceola A

Selling Integrated Cross-Media Marketing Services

Peter Winters, Winters Group & Associates

You’re already a successful print service provider, but how can you build on your progress to transform your business development for the next generation of digital technology sales? Develop brand propositions that resonate with senior marketing executives, drink your own Kool-Aid by engaging in multi-media self promotion, learn about high-profit consultative selling, advance your sales staff to the next level and receive summary findings from a pre-conference workshop: 36 ideas from 12 industry verticals!


10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Sustainable Printing Workshop

Stephen Goddard, HP; Marci Kinter, SGIA; Mary Ann Fong, Temple University; John Henry Ruggieri, Sun Dance Graphics

Learn about SGP Partnership and its certification program. A panel of PSPs discusses their commitment to printing sustainably, their SGP-certification experiences and what it means for them and their business. Discover how to go green with HP.


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