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Discover new ideas to build your business and solve your customers’ most pressing issues by attending educational sessions delivered by Dscoop Platinum and Gold Partners. Check back for the full listing of Partner sessions.

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1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Exciting Ways to Increase Your Business Opportunities and Profitability Levels with Wide-Format Inkjet Printing (PriscoDigital)

Haim Duek, HP; Steve Zunde and Eric A. Gutwillig, PriscoDigital

Declining profitability levels and a downturn in overall business have put many commercial printers in financial stress. PriscoDigital offers exciting, realistic alternatives to diversify your business with new industrial wide-format inkjet technologies. Upon implementation of their suggestions, you will be able to achieve profitability levels normally not possible with most of the products currently produced by most commercial printers.

Sun 1-3

HP Indigo and EskoArtwork: Capturing New Markets

Geert De Proost, EskoArtwork

Capture new business by breaking into new markets by optimizing HP printers with the integration of EskoArtwork Design-to-Print-to-Cut solutions. EskoArtwork solutions expand both your capabilities and productivity to economically produce new applications that allow you to penetrate existing accounts and generate new business resulting in business growth and bottom line contribution.

Miami 2

Profit Opportunities Beyond Photobooks (Unibind Inc.)

Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, Peleman Industries

The same systems that are used to make photobooks can also make a wide variety of office and business support materials, such as meeting books, agenda books, diaries, yearbooks and presentation folders. Software is available with easy-to-use templates to create these various value-added products that can dramatically increase the utilization of digital presses and fill the off-season production. This presentation provides a step-by-step guide for adding new profitable products to your portfolios.


The Future of Cross-Media Marketing (MindFireInc)

Joe Manos, MindFireInc

Learn about the next generation of cross-media marketing that is upon us now!

  • What today’s marketers are doing most often
  • The six must-have dynamics for next generation marketing
  • How tracking and measurement has already moved to the next dimension – have you?
  • The Marketers Portal – what is it and how do you play?

Be sure to attend if you are serious about success with cross-media marketing.

Miami 1

The Secret World of Digital Paper (NewPage)

Dennis Essary and Michelle Garrett, NewPage Corporation; M.J. Anderson, Trekk Cross-Media

How much do you really know about the digital paper you use every day? This interactive session challenges your knowledge. And if you’re smarter than your peers, you could walk away with some cool prizes. Regardless of the technology you use, one of the key drivers of digital printing success is paper selection. Hear from industry insiders to learn how combining the right digital press with the right paper will fuel your expansion into direct mail, books on demand, photo merchandise and digital packaging. Learn paper selection fundamentals and how paper manufacturing, converting and availability impacts your bottom line.


2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Miami 2

Finish In-Line with HP Indigo 7500/7000 (Lasermax Roll Systems)

Bill Carroll, Lasermax Roll Systems

Connect your HP Indigo 7500 or 7000 digital press to in-line (or near-line) binding modules to reduce costs and win new business. Carroll introduces Lasermax Roll’s PageReady in-line cutting/stacking system, and explains how PageReady applies paper handling principles to typical 7500/7000 applications to streamline workflow and boost productivity.

Sun 1-3

How Mohawk Products Can Benefit Your Business

Chris Harrold and Molly Rosenthal, Mohawk Fine Papers

Learn how Mohawk products can benefit your business. Featured products include:

  • Mohawk Maestro Software – provides digital press owners template-based software to enter the photo market with books, cards, calendars and more.
  • Mohawk Panoramic - ideal for creating elegant books and photo albums. These papers allow photos to flow seamlessly across the fold and eliminate color match issues across the spread.
  • Mohawk Studio Collection - digital colored papers that are compatible with white ink and HP Indigo presses.
  • Mohawk Everyday Digital – this new offering is an affordable collection of uncoated and coated papers for digital printing.


Master the Art of Proactive Selling (GPA)

William “Skip” Miller, M3 Learning

GPA is dedicated to the advancement of its members through education. Value differentiation and a strategic sales process are keys to delivering profitable growth for every business. Learn how to take a proactive approach to your sales growth from a renowned sales guru. Designed to make an immediate impact on your business, Miller highlights specific tools to help you prepare more strategically in the sales process. Learn tangible sales skills enabling you to close quicker, have more meaningful business conversations with customers, and maximize revenue by selling on value versus price.

Miami 1

The Many Faces of Web-to-Print – Using Web-to-Print to Create and Solve a Variety of Business Needs (Pageflex by Bitstream)

Anna M. Chagnon, Bitstream Inc. and Bill Wieners, Digital Lizard

Web-to-print has moved beyond business cards and stationery. Marketing service providers and printers are using Web-to-print to solve a wide range of business problems that their clients face in a variety of industries. Hear about the types of technologies available to create Web-to-print sites. Through case studies and real world experience, learn how to work with clients to set realistic expectations and develop websites that best support your clients’ requirements and the needs of end users. Gain helpful tips on how to sell and market your Web-to-print services.


Web-to-Print Essentials (Prisme Technologies)

Dan Sparrow, Prisme Technologies

Are you developing a new Web-to-print strategy? Is your current strategy not meeting your objectives?  Where should you be investing your e-enablement resources this year? Discover the key metrics you should be tracking and the most effective ways to drive new online business. Explore common Web-to-print pitfalls, benchmarks and best practices within marketing, operations and development.



11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Solutions Showcase Booth 1122

Digital Converting – Efficient Finishings (AB Graphic International Inc.)

Jay Baker and Wes Harrington, AB Graphic International Inc.

Hear about finishing and converting printed materials to maximize profits while minimizing downtime. Discover techniques for enhancing the digital web, adding value to your printed product with your current capabilities and learning about options available to expand for more value-added processes. AB Graphic demonstrates the Omega Digicon-Lite so attendees can see the potential of the applications they can apply to digitally printed web and compare real life scenarios on the show floor. AB Graphic also shows the Omega Flexpack, specifically designed to laminate unsupported flexible packaging films together to create unique structures for the narrow web market.


2:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Osceola B

C.P. Bourg Intl.

Richard F. Trapilo, C.P. Bourg Intl.

Hear about digital finishing and the unique family of products that C.P. Bourg has engineered exclusively for the zero waste digital print markets, including variable print, personalized print and photobooks.


Discover the Attraction of Magnets (Magnum Magnetics)

Cameron Fouss, Magnum Magnetics

Magnum Magnetics presents DigiMAG PLUS magnetic products. Magnets are a great way to grow your business and provide a fast return on investment. Expand your printing capabilities and save time by printing directly to magnets. Magnetize post-print with different sizes of magnetizers; Magnum can provide or create a magnetizer to fit your requirements. Magnum is the leader in certified digitally printable magnets with the broadest product offering of paper, polypropylene and vinyl for a wide range of HP Indigo presses.


Driving Print and Paper Demand in a Digital World (Domtar)

Lewis Fix, Domtar

The rumors of print’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. While digital media has changed the way we communicate, Domtar remains committed to reminding businesses and consumers of the value of paper and print. Paper is a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, plant-based product that connects us in so many ways to the important things in life. See how Domtar’s national “PAPER because” campaign highlights the key roles that paper and print play in our lives and explains why they are environmentally sound choices.

Solutions Showcase Booth 1117

Flexibility Beyond Finishing (Delta Industrial Services)

Gary Hendel, Delta Industrial Services Inc.

Learn multiple ways that custom-designed converting systems can expand your manufacturing options and give you opportunities in new markets. Hendel, a design engineer, runs demonstrations of multiple die cutting methods, including semi-rotary technology and laser die cutting technology, and discusses the importance of flexibility in today’s contract converting and label finishing industries. Also hear about registration, tension control, the photo eye, web mechanics and process variables affecting registration capability. Delta Industrial Services Inc. offers a variety of solutions for converting your labels with traditional rotary tooling and adapters, which can be made to fit your inventory of rotary tooling in Delta die stations.

Osceola A

How a Creative Media Supplier Can Help Grow Your Business (Wausau Coated Products Inc.)

Cheryl Bahr and Jaime Orozco, Wausau Coated Products Inc.

In today’s market, having the knowledge and desire to pursue different markets is not enough. You need to have the resources to respond to the ever-changing needs of multiple markets. Discover the key capabilities of a media supplier and how to strategically use those capabilities to spell success for your business. As a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive material for the past 30 years, Wausau Coated Products offers insight into these important resources and how their experience as a specialty-focused company has helped their customers find success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


HP Scitex and EskoArtwork: Capturing New Markets

Steve Bennett, EskoArtwork

Capture new business by breaking into new markets by optimizing HP Scitex printers with the integration of EskoArtwork Design-to-Print-to-Cut Solutions. EskoArtwork solutions expand both your capabilities and productivity to economically produce new applications that allow you to penetrate existing accounts and generate new business resulting in business growth and bottom line contribution.

Sun 1-3

Lamination and UV Coating: When and Why (GBC)

Tom Snooks, GBC

Learn about the important criteria for choosing the correct finish to maximize the appearance and effectiveness of your output. Snooks highlights various applications, reviews finishing choices and discusses tips for selling value-added finishing.

Gainesville 1

Print It. Mail It. Mail Finishing Efficiency (Rollem International)

Larry Corwin, Rollem International

Discover how to implement mail-ready finishing into your digital printing company to improve mail finishing efficiency. Discussion includes integrating processes from press to finishing, including adding high value services such as card tip-on and coupons on bills, self-remittances and various card products. Production increases with either in-line or near-line configurations as multiple processes are completed in just one step. Realized savings are addressed with the ability to maximize press sheets layouts, use glue for three-sided closures, maintain zip order for route batching and maximize postal discounts.

Gainesville 2

Scodix – Launching the Digital Enhancement Revolution

Ziki Kuly, Scodix

Digital enhancement is the most appealing value-added innovation that has emerged in the digital print industry in recent years. With its breakthrough DigitalEnhancement™ technology, Scodix is changing the world of post-press print enhancement. Eco-friendly Scodix presses deliver glossy or matte embossing on selective areas in-house, at minimum cost. The Scodix1200™ DigitalEmbossing™ Press adds tangible depth, texture and third dimension to images and text, empowering print shop providers and their customers to enjoy the freedom to print any run, of any size, on any application.


Upgrade Your Picturebook – Make Real Photobooks (Felix Schoeller Jr.)

Guido Hofmeyer, Felix Schoeller Jr.

Photography has never been more popular than it is today. There are more cameras sold and the number of exposures is breaking amazing records. The digital revolution in picture taking had a significant impact on photo printing activities over the last years. The photo imaging industry has seen many new products and business opportunities. HP Indigo printers have been particularly successful within the photobook segment and this growth requires innovations to support future growth. Hear about recent trends in the global imaging industry and new business opportunities for HP Indigo presses owners who want to continue to stay ahead of the game.


What Your Web-to-Print Photo Product Solution Needs to Offer (Mediaclip Inc.)

Philippe Gascon, Mediaclip Inc.

How do you decide what solution and products to offer? Should you offer a desktop solution, an online solution, a mobile solution or all three? What are the upcoming developments to be aware of when deciding which solution to choose? Should you host the solutions or work with a hosted one? Hear an overview of the main features, functionalities and latest technological developments that your Web-to-print photo product solution should be able to offer.



11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Osceola A

Choosing High-Performance Digital Substrates for Your Best Digital Print Projects (Masterpiece Graphix)

Dan Lawellin and Doug Watson, Masterpiece Graphix

Discuss the difference between standard digital-treated substrates and high-performance digital materials with contiguous coatings. Digital material experts explain the flaws that are typical in standard-treated digital substrates and present the various benefits of using high-performance substrates in your best digital print applications.

Gainesville 2

Cross-Media for the Masses – Significant Revenue Growth Opportunities for PSPs and MSPs

Mark McGowan, Online Print Solutions

Examine the enormous market opportunity to bring cross-media marketing to the mainstream. While print is still one of the most significant beneficiaries of marketing dollars from small and medium enterprises, search engine marketing (SEM) and other online advertising is starting to take a larger portion of that pie. Paradoxically the print industry is in the best position to take advantage of this trend—learn how.


Fast, Collaborative Solutions Across Printing Platforms (Finch Paper LLC)

Phil Hart and Tom Ruch, Finch Paper LLC

Learn how Finch Paper, an integrated pulp and paper mill, helps customers achieve better color, faster speeds and custom solutions on a number of digital printing platforms, including the HP Indigo.

Gainesville 1

Feeding and Finishing For Efficiency and Profits (Standard Finishing Systems)

Paul Steinke, Standard Finishing Systems

Hunkeler and Horizon, partners of Standard Finishing Systems, announced a slate of innovative new short-run feeding and finishing solutions geared to helping digital print providers improve efficiency and profits. Solutions profiled include:

  • Hunkeler PF7 plow-folder for in- or off-line converting of 30 in.-wide webs from the HP T300
  • automated Horizon HT-80 three-knife trimmer operating in-line to the BQ-470 perfect binder for EVA and PUR binding
  • VIVA inspection system, performing sheet or piece-level tracking and integrity checking of personalized documents on all Standard finishers.


High Performance Digitally Printable Films (Innovia Films)

Richard Southward and Alasdair McEwen, Innovia Films

Learn the key requirements and properties that HP Indigo printable label and packaging substrates need and how Innovia Films meets those needs with their dedicated substrate range. Innovia Films is a global supplier of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose label and flexible packaging substrates. They are a market leader for coated films with a key focus on digital technologies. They have been awarded Global Preferred Partner Status by the HP Indigo® Industrial Media Group for their superior products, service and support to HP Indigo press users.


Profiting from Color Management (CGS Publishing Technologies International)

David Palmieri, CGS Publishing Technologies International

CGS Publishing Technologies International discusses the key to unifying color management across digital press technology and the limitations that many digital printers have in effectively transitioning their print production from a conventional world to the digital one. Learn how CGS color management tools can be used to achieve this goal, including success stories behind how ORIS customers have rolled out enterprise-wide color management with centralized color verification tools. Learn about the benefits this lends to supply chain consistency, whether in an individual print operation or across multiple locations.

Osceola B

Saving the Best for Last – KAMA Solutions for Efficient Print Finishing

Marcus Tralau, KAMA GmbH

Thinking of bringing print finishing in-house? Looking to give added value to your digital prints with outstanding visual and haptic effects such as hot foil stamping, embossing and hologram for brand protection? The CEO of KAMA reveals how digital printers and bookbinders can successfully break into this new and promising market. The German-based manufacturer of print finishing equipment is one of the first companies to develop versatile finishing machines ideally suited to the needs of the digital market. Tralau describes how it’s possible, with just one manageable investment, to increase profitability by offering new finishing applications to your customers.


The Best Laminating and UV Coating Solutions for Your Systems (GMP Co. Ltd.)

YP Kim and Guy Noy, GMP Co. Ltd.

Gain information on the best solutions for your system, and explore:

  • Trends of the finishing industry and an explanation of finishing trends for lamination
  • Capacity of GMP as a solution maker for finishing facility and production
  • GMP finishing solutions in print on-demand markets with an introduction of GMP solution and projects with HP Indigo


The Cloud: Enabling New Opportunities (Pixfizz)

Alexander de Boissezon, Pixfizz

Discover how the cloud provides a quick, easy and cost-effective approach to Web-to-print; integrated social media to access photos and share photo products increasing traffic and accessibility; and a new state-of-the-art online editor offering an unprecedented user experience for your end consumers.

Sun 1-3

The Influence of Paper on Digital (Cascades Fine Papers Group)

Kent McGillem, Cascades Fine Papers Group

Paper has a major impact on digital printing. It is more than a substrate; it is an integral part of the message. Do you know what your customers are looking for, how paper attributes affect the results or what the environmental footprints of your projects are? McGillem addresses these concerns and shares his knowledge and Cascades practices with you.


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